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Athletic Office:

District Athletic Director: Phil Willenbrock
District Athletic Secretary: Debbi Mathews
Athletic Director: Robert Clements
District Events Manager: Jessica Ulrich

Mar 17, 2014 5:11 PM

Welcome to the new page design for Tyee Educational Complex Athletics! Everything you are accustomed to finding on our website is still here, it's just easier to find and nicer to look at!

To the left you will see our Daily Game Schedule, Tyee Contacts, directions to our playing facilities and a tab with Tyee Documents, including our rosters. Up above are the links to the specific sport pages for Girls and Boys, which still feature official schedules, standings, photos and news. There are also now opportunities for businesses to sponsor all of our athletic teams by purchasing a sponsorship ad like the ones you see scrolling through the middle of the page.

Be sure to click the orange SUBSCRIBE button to your left and subscribe to the Tyee sports teams you wish to get schedule updates for and follow us on our official Twitter page @TyeeTotems. As always, this is the place we make any and all changes to our schedules and instant schedule change alerts will be sent to subscribers and on Twitter.


Missing Score (3)
The following events have been played, but no score has been reported.

Boys Tennis Evergreen (Sea) Home 9/23/21
Boys Tennis Foster Home 9/30/21
Boys Tennis Highline Home 10/7/21
Missing Score (3)


Girls Soccer
Varsity Highline Home (Highline M) 7:30 PM