Tacoma Middle School League Baseball
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Jul 12, 2018 1:48 PM

All teams will practice five (5) days a week, two (2) hours per day.

• Each individual must have a minimum of eight (8) practice days before the first competition.


• Varsity will consist of one team comprised of 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. (Do not cut below 15)

• Junior Varsity will consist of one team comprised of 6th, 7th and 8th grade students (Do not cut below 15 if applicable)

Please note, if a student is cut from the varsity team and would like to turn out for another sport during the same season, they will abide by WIAA rule 17.12.3 which states:

Practices in one (1) sport cannot be transferred toward the number of practices required in another sport.


• Each athlete must have: o Middle School Activities Contract and Eligibility Form, including: ▪ Emergency Contact information ▪ Signed Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest information form ▪ Sport-specific consent form o Physical – Each athlete is required to have a current physical (last 13 months) o ASB Card Purchased ($15.00)

• All the ABOVE INFORMATION MUST BE on file with the building athletic director before participation.

• School issued uniform will include school colors, school names, and number. PLEASE NOTE: If uniforms are damaged and/or lost the student will be responsible for the cost of the replacement.

• All eligible participants should be given equal consideration for playing time over the course of the season based on coach’s discretion. Factors for playing time may include but are not limited to, skill, effort, attitude, attendance, behavior in school or any combination of the preceding.


• Metal cleats will NOT be allowed (No exceptions).

• The “home school” will be responsible for the game ball. Regulation size hardball will be used.

• The catcher must wear the catchers mask with a skull helmet (must meet the NOCSAE standard), throat protector, chest protector and shin guards.

• Batter, base runner(s), and any non-adult base coaches must wear a protective helmet (must meet the NOCSAE standard).

• Schools will provide their own regulation bats (-3 and BBCOR rated at the Varsity level) and balls. A length-toweight ratio of -5 will be allowed at the JV level ONLY. Note, these -5 bats will not carry the BBCOR stamp.

• Each school should bring ice to the event in case of an injury.

• Coaches are required to have a First Aid kit with them at all practices and games

• Coaches are required to have a copy of the emergency medical cards for each student-athlete on their team
Updated 6/5/2018 JMN


• The District Athletic Office will arrange umpires and transportation for all games.

• The home school will keep the official score book and submit final score to the sport commissioner with 24 hours of completion.

• There will be NO DH!

• The game will consist of seven (7) innings or two hours. No new inning will start after the 7th or 5:30pm unless there is a tie. In this case, the teams will play one extra inning. If teams are still tied, the game will end in a tie. The game will be stopped, if after five innings one team is ahead by more than ten (10) runs.

• In varsity competition, the maximum a team may score in one inning is seven (7) runs. In JV games, the maximum is five (5) runs per inning. Run limit does not apply in the last inning of the game.

• Pitcher limitation – A pitcher is eligible to pitch in no more than seven (7) innings or one complete contest if shorter than seven (7) innings during any consecutive five (5) day period. Days shall be counted from start to start of contest (Example: Thursday 3:00pm to Tuesday 3:00pm is five (5) days).


• If a game is canceled for weather or playing conditions, the home team athletic director will contact the visiting school’s athletic director, the District athletic office and Metro Parks (if using their site) before 1:30pm on the day of the cancellation.

• The home team athletic director is also responsible for contacting the officials association before 12pm if a game is cancelled (Assignor: Mark Heavey 253.468.5307).

• The visiting team athletic director is also responsible for calling Transportation (Beth at 571-1857) by 1:30 pm if a game is cancelled.


• The top four (4) finishing teams in the regular season will be invited to participate in a season-ending championship.

• In the event of a tie in the standings, seeds will be determined using the following:

o Overall winning percentage o Head-to-head result (regular season only) o Point differential allowed in ONLY the designated games involving the tied teams. o Point differential allowed in the games involving the highest ranked. o Point differential allowed in the games involving the next highest ranked. ▪ i.e. if tied for 1st examine point differential for 2nd place team, 3rd place team and so on. o Coin flip
• The championship team will be presented with a perpetual trophy to be displayed in the school.

RULES- Governed by Washington Interscholastic Activities Association and National Federation 2017 Rules.