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alt2:Home Valuation 2.18
Boys Soccer
SPSL 2A - Sound
Clover Park100120
River Ridge010011

alt2:standings small 2017
Complete Standings
(Including JV & C Teams)
alt2:2017 Boys scoreboard
Monday, Mar 19
Scored By: Tashi.Langton
5Franklin Pierce
1Foss *

Tuesday, Mar 20
Scored By: Loni.Smith
0River Ridge *

Scored By: Nasir.Tura1
1Foster *

Scored By: Chris.Berggren
2Washington *

Scored By: Ryan.Johnson
0White River
4Lindbergh *

Scored By: Jonathan.Alexander
3Clover Park *

Scored By: Brandon.Peters
5Orting *

Scored By: Eduardo.Millan
7Highline *

Thursday, Mar 22
7:30 PM
Evergreen *

Hiln Mem
Friday, Mar 23
3:30 PM
Clover Park
Eatonville *

4:30 PM
Fife *

7:00 PM
White River
Foster *

7:00 PM
Franklin Pierce *

7:00 PM
River Ridge
Orting *

7:30 PM
Tyee *

Hiln Mem
7:30 PM
Renton *

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2017-18 Varsity Boys Soccer Schedule

Regular Season - Completed Games

  Date Tyee Opponent  
Sat, Mar 10 HPS Jamboree
Mon, Mar 12 Tyee 0 Kent Meridian 0
Fri, Mar 16 Tyee 2 Evergreen 3
* Tue, Mar 20 Tyee 2 Orting 5

Regular Season - Remaining Games

  Date Opponent Time Place  
* Fri, Mar 23 Highline
7:30 PM Home Hiln Mem
* Tue, Mar 27 Clover Park
5:30 PM Home Hiln Mem
* Fri, Mar 30 Steilacoom
7:00 PM Away SteilaHS
* Mon, Apr 2 Renton
5:30 PM Home Hiln Mem
* Wed, Apr 4 Eatonville
3:30 PM Away EMS
* Tue, Apr 10 River Ridge
7:30 PM Home Hiln Mem
* Fri, Apr 13 Orting
7:30 PM Home Hiln Mem
* Mon, Apr 16 Highline
7:30 PM Away Hiln Mem
* Wed, Apr 18 Clover Park
7:00 PM Away HLang
* Fri, Apr 20 Steilacoom
7:30 PM Home Hiln Mem
* Wed, Apr 25 Renton
7:30 PM Away RentMem
        Start time 7:30PM
* Fri, Apr 27 Eatonville
7:30 PM Home Hiln Mem
* Mon, Apr 30 River Ridge
7:00 PM Away SSound

Post Season (If Qualified)

  Date/Time Opponent Place / Result  
May 5 - May 122A District Finals at FPHS

Thursday and Friday Schedule 3/22/18 and 3/23...

Mar 21, 2018 12:58 PM

Thursday and Friday Schedules:

Thursday 3/22

  • Goalkeeper Training: 2:20pm

  • JV Training: 2:50pm – 4pm

  • Varsity Training: 3:15pm – 4:30pm

Friday 3/23 (Gameday vs. Highline High School)

  • Team meal (JV and Varsity): 3pm

  • Bus departure: 5:30pm; Return: 9:30pm – 9:45pm

  • Game Time: JV @ 7pm; Varsity @ 7:30pm

  • Location: JV @ Mount Rainier; Varsity @ Highline Memorial Stadium

  • Uniform Color: White


Mar 20, 2018 8:52 AM

please be aware that both teams are leaving campus at 3pm today for their matches at Orting.
JV: meet in the locker room at 2:30pm; Match @ 5pm
Varsity: meet for team meal at 2:30pm: Match @ 7pm

Zach Delva and Jonathan Martinez, grade checks needed today.
Players NOT eligible for today (varsity): Cesar Santamaria, Sami Tessema and those that need to turn in their grade check

Thank you

Schedule: Monday 3/19/18 - Wednesday 3/21/18

Mar 18, 2018 6:06 PM

Hello, everyone
-Thank you all, for continuing to attend practice on time. Below is next week's schedule. Posted, is the schedule from Monday 3/19 to Wednesday 3/21. Thursday and Friday’s schedule will be posted later on in the week.

Monday 3/19
• No goalkeeper practice
• JV training: 2:50pm – 4pm
• Varsity training: video session: 2:15pm – 2:45pm; field training: 3:15pm – 4:30pm

Tuesday 3/20 (Gameday; Away vs Orting high school)
• Team meal (varsity only): 3pm in the cafeteria
• Bus schedule: Departure: TBD; Return: 9:30pm – 10pm
• Game time: JV @ 5pm; Varsity @ 7pm
• Game Location: Orting Stadium
• Address: 111 Whitehawk BLVD NW, Orting, WA, 98360

Wednesday 3/21
• No practice
• practice: 2:30 – 3:15 in the weight room for those individuals, JV and varsity players, that still need ten practices.

• For those that are interested in taking part in the FIFA tournament, I will need the list of the teams by Thursday. There will be two separate tournaments: Sixteen teams in the JV tournament and sixteen teams in the varsity tournament. The winner on the JV side, will play the winner on the varsity side for the trophy.

Friday and Saturday

Mar 16, 2018 9:56 AM

Please note that the practice time for tomorrow for JV will be from 2:15pm to 3:15pm in the weight room. It is for those that need to catch up on their practices, JV or Varsity and for those JV players that missed the Jamboree without a valid excuse.

There is a change in Saturday's practice. It will now be from 2pm to 3pm in the weight room.

The following players are the ones eligible for tomorrow's Varsity game:

Gary Singh, Edgar Tamayo, Ali Yusuf, Phiyan Mok, *Cesar Ayala, Gabriel Garcia, Devonte Brooks, Ronny Torres, Joseph Baquedano, Cesar Santamaria, Abdirahman Ismail, Abdourahmane Ba, Abubekir Lenty, Jonathan Martinez, Juan Briseno Brito, Mohamed Mohamed.

Thank you

Remainder Of The Week

Mar 15, 2018 10:07 AM
Friday 3/16 (Gameday vs Evergreen High School)
  • The team will meet in the varsity locker room at 3:30pm (Anyone arrives exactly at 3:30pm will not play)
  • Bus departure: 4:15pm; return back on campus: 7:30pm – 8pm
  • Game time: 5:30pm
  • Location: Highline Memorial Stadium
  • Uniform Color: Red

Those JV and Varsity players that need to catch up on practices, The weight room will be run by coach Adam from 1pm – 2pm on Friday. Make sure you are there
Saturday 3/17
  • Weight room: 8am – 9am

Week Three Schedule

Mar 11, 2018 3:22 AM

Week Three Schedule: Monday 3/12 – Thursday 3/15

Monday 3/12 (Gameday vs. Kent Meridian High School: Varsity)

  • Goalkeeper training: 2:20pm (Dilmar Only)

  • JV training: 3pm – 4:15pm

  • Varsity team meet up in locker room: 3:30pm

  • Bus departure: 4:30pm; Bus returns on Campus: 8:45pm – 9pm

  • Game Time: 5:30pm

  • Location: Highline Memorial Stadium

  • Uniform color: White

Tuesday 3/13: (black t-shirt)

  • Goalkeeper training: 2:20pm

  • JV training: 3pm – 4:15pm

  • Varsity training: 3:15pm – 4:30pm

Wednesday 3/14: (white t-shirt)

  • Goalkeeper training: 2:15 pm

  • JV training: 3pm – 4:15pm

  • Varsity training: 3:15pm – 4:30pm

Thursday 3/15: (black t-shirt)

  • Goalkeeper Training: 2:20pm

  • JV training: 3pm – 4:15pm

  • Varsity training: 3:15pm – 4:15pm

The Following players are the only ones available for Monday’s game:

Gurpal Singh, Samuel Silva Mora, Abubekir Lenty, Johnathan Martinez, Edgar Tamayo, Juan Brito, Ali Yusuf, Joseph Baquedano, Mohamed Mohamed, Cesar Santamaria, Devonte Brooks, Ronny Torres, Phiyan Mok

Friday will be uploaded later on in the week


Mar 9, 2018 11:33 AM
Hello, all
Here is an update on Saturday's Jamboree Schedule:

Bus departure: 6:45am from Tyee Campus
1st Game: 8am (JV)
2nd Game: 8:30am (Varsity)
3rd Game: 10am (JV)
4th Game: 10:30am (Varsity)

Wear your home Jersey

Please arrive at 6:30am

arrive with your jersey underneath your normal clothing. There will not be a locker room available at the Stadium for the jamboree

Week 2 Schedule

Mar 4, 2018 11:18 AM

Next Week's Schedule (3/5/18 – 3/9/18)

Monday 3/5/18 (White t-shirt)

  • Goalkeeper training: 2:10pm
  • JV: 2:30pm – 3:50pm
  • Varsity: 3pm – 5pm
  • Parents/Guardians meeting: 6:30pm in the Cafeteria

Tuesday 3/6/18 (black t-shirt)

  • Goalkeeper training: 2:10pm
  • JV: 2:30pm – 3:50pm
  • Varsity: 3pm – 5pm

Wednesday 3/7/18 (JV vs. Varsity)

  • Both teams out on the field at 2:30pm
  • Kick off: 3pm

Thursday 3/8/18 (black t-shirt)

  • Both teams on the field by 3pm
  • Uniforms will be handed out

Friday 3/9/18

  • No goalkeeper training
  • JV: 2:30pm - 3:30pm
  • Varsity: 3pm- 4:15pm

Make sure to arrive early and wear the correct t-shirt color

Thank you


Mar 2, 2018 7:20 AM

Good morning, all
here's a few information:

  • today's practice, Friday 3/2/18:

  • Goalkeeper training: 2:10pm

  • Jv: 2:30pm - 3:50pm (on the field by 2:25pm)

  • Varsity: 3pm - 5pm (on the field by 2:55pm)

  • Saturday's practice is still pending.

  • Parents meeting: Monday 3/5/18, at 6:30pm

    in the cafeteria


Feb 28, 2018 8:14 PM

Here are the Teams: (Wear black t-shirts tomorrow)


  • Carlos Bazan
  • Julian Mora
  • Christopher Nunez
  • Luis Rivera
  • Sani Hussen
  • Van Carter
  • Dilmer Santamaria
  • Joel Jimenez
  • Raymundo Mendoza
  • Cecilio Huerta
  • Wondwosen Kassa
  • Nathan Macias
  • Angel Lara
  • Marc Fabian
  • Richard Guerrero
  • Johan Sanchez
  • Daniel Rivera Del Toro
  • Suldan Segule
  • Tha Jordan
  • Ahmed Ahmed
  • Erick Soto


  • Gabriel Garcia
  • Devonte Brooks
  • Abdirahman Ismail
  • Cesar Rueda Ayala
  • Cesar Santamaria
  • Gurpal Singh
  • Samuel Silva Mora
  • Edgar Tamayo Gallegos
  • Samuel Tessema
  • Ronny Torres
  • Abubekir Lenty
  • Mohamed Mohamed
  • Hamze Hussien
  • Juan Briseno Brito
  • Joseph Baquedano
  • Abdourahmane Ba
  • Phiyan Mok
  • Jonathan Martinez
  • Ali Yusuf
  • Jason Molina
  • Zachary Delva

Goalkeepers: practice starts at 2:10pm... arrive as early as you can

Jv practices at 2:30pm... arrive 5 minutes early

Varsity: practices at 3pm... arrive 5 minutes early

Please Read

Feb 19, 2018 8:41 PM
As you know, this upcoming Monday 2/26/18 will be the first day of tryouts. Make sure that you read and understand the following:

Physicals must be completed and turned in. If not, make sure you do so before trying out for the team. The deadline will be Wednesday 2/28

Make sure that you have white and black t-shirts, black soccer shorts or pants (if you do not own any black shorts/ pants, wear whatever color you have). White or black socks will do. Also, if possible, a black hoodie or a black raincoat will be valuable.

Make sure that you have proper soccer cleats and also make sure that you have shin guards.

To try out, you MUST to have a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) or higher.

There will be water bottles available on site. You are welcome to bring your own as well.

ARRIVE EARLY. If you arrive late without a note stating your reason for being late, you will be dismissed for the day.

Tryouts are only for the first three days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). No one will be given extra days to tryout should they miss any of those days. Your play will be assessed based on the day(s) that you show up. First priority will be given to those that show up for all three days regardless if they were on the team last season or not.

Once the coaches blow the whistle for players to “bring it in” and huddle up, anyone that is seen walking and not jogging toward the location of the coaches, will be automatically told to leave for the day.

Schedule for next week will be posted on Thursday. Should you have any questions, please let me know by commenting below

Thank you

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