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320 Washington Ave. N. ~ Orting, 98360
Athletic Office: 360-893-2246 x442
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Athletic Director: Marty Parkhurst
Athletic Secretary: Mikayla Cailing

Jan 24, 2013 11:04 AM

Welcome to the Orting High School Athletic Web-Site!

Postponed Events (72)
The following events were previously postponed and are awaiting a new play date.

Varsity Baseball Spanaway Lake Away 3/13/20
JV Baseball Spanaway Lake Home 3/13/20
Varsity Softball Eatonville Home 3/16/20
JV Softball Eatonville Home 3/16/20
Varsity Baseball Olympic Away 3/16/20
JV Baseball Olympic Away 3/16/20
Varsity Softball Olympic Away 3/16/20
JV Softball Olympic Away 3/16/20
Varsity Boys Soccer Fife Home 3/17/20
Varsity Baseball Bremerton Home 3/18/20
JV Baseball Bremerton Home 3/18/20
Varsity Boys Soccer North Mason Home 3/18/20
Varsity Baseball La Salle Away 3/20/20
Varsity Softball Seattle Christian Home 3/20/20
Varsity Boys Soccer Eatonville Away 3/20/20
Varsity Girls Track Cardinal Relays Home 3/21/20
Varsity Boys Track Cardinal Relays Home 3/21/20
Varsity Girls Track Kentlake Home 3/21/20
Varsity Baseball Othello Away 3/21/20
Varsity Boys Soccer Steilacoom Away 3/21/20
Varsity Softball Bremerton Away 3/23/20
Varsity Softball Fife Away 3/24/20
Varsity Baseball Foster Home 3/24/20
JV Softball Fife Home 3/24/20
Varsity Boys Soccer Graham Kapowsin Away 3/25/20
Varsity Baseball Tyee Away 3/25/20
Varsity Boys Track Eatonville Home 3/26/20
Varsity Girls Track Eatonville Home 3/26/20
Varsity Softball Eatonville Home 3/26/20
JV Softball Eatonville Away 3/26/20
Varsity Boys Soccer White River Home 3/27/20
Varsity Baseball Eatonville Home 3/30/20
JV Baseball Eatonville Away 3/30/20
Varsity Boys Soccer Washington Away 3/30/20
Varsity Baseball Eatonville Away 3/31/20
JV Baseball Eatonville Home 3/31/20
Varsity Softball White River Away 4/1/20
JV Softball White River Home 4/1/20
Varsity Boys Soccer Franklin Pierce Away 4/1/20
Varsity Boys Track Franklin Pierce Away 4/2/20
Varsity Girls Track Franklin Pierce Away 4/2/20
Varsity Baseball Fife Away 4/3/20
JV Baseball Fife Home 4/3/20
Varsity Softball Vashon Island Away 4/3/20
Varsity Boys Soccer Foster Away 4/6/20
Varsity Softball Washington Away 4/6/20
Varsity Softball Franklin Pierce Home 4/7/20
JV Softball Franklin Pierce Away 4/7/20
Varsity Boys Soccer Tyee Home 4/8/20
Varsity Baseball Seattle Christian Home 4/11/20
JV Baseball White River Home 4/13/20
Varsity Softball Foster Home 4/13/20
Varsity Boys Soccer Renton Home 4/13/20
JV Softball Tyee Home 4/14/20
Varsity Baseball White River Home 4/14/20
Varsity Boys Soccer Eatonville Home 4/15/20
Varsity Boys Track Washington Home 4/16/20
Varsity Girls Track Washington Home 4/16/20
Varsity Baseball Alumni Game Home 4/17/20
Varsity Softball Alumni Game Home 4/17/20
JV Baseball Washington Home 4/21/20
Varsity Softball Renton Away 4/21/20
Varsity Baseball Washington Home 4/22/20
JV Softball Eatonville Home 4/23/20
Varsity Baseball Renton Away 4/24/20
JV Baseball Renton Home 4/24/20
Varsity Boys Track Chehalis Activators Classic 4/24/20
Varsity Boys Track Chehalis Activators Classic 4/25/20
Postponed Events (72)


There are no events on this day.