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Officials Wanted!
Aug 27, 2021 9:40 AM

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Could you use some extra income? Because we could use some extra help. Here’s a win-win: Sign up to become a high school official today! You’ll earn a few extra bucks, fill a critical need and have a lot of fun too! #BecomeAnOfficial


2019-20 Minutes
Feb 19, 2020 10:33 AM

Evergreen Conference meeting minutes

Post Attachments2019 December Minutes
Post Attachments2019 November Minutes
Post Attachments2019 October Minutes
Post Attachments2019 September Minutes
Post Attachments2020 January Minutes
Liaison Information
Feb 19, 2020 10:34 AM

District 4 2A Playoff Agreement and Dates

Post Attachments2018-2020 Liaison Agreement
Post Attachments2019-20 Playoff Information
2A Evergreen Conference Constitution and By-Laws
Sep 30, 2013 9:26 AM

2A Evergreen Conference Constitution and By-Laws updated 9/1/2013.

Post AttachmentsEvergreen Conference Constitution & Bylaws
Post AttachmentsEvergreen Conference Constitution & Bylaws - Edit Version
Evergreen Conference SOP's
Feb 19, 2020 11:05 AM

Individual Sports Standard Operating Procedures - updated 8/24/2016.

Post AttachmentsBaseball
Post AttachmentsBasketball
Post AttachmentsCross Country
Post AttachmentsFastpitch
Post AttachmentsFootball
Post AttachmentsGolf
Post AttachmentsSoccer
Post AttachmentsTennis
Post AttachmentsTrack & Field
Post AttachmentsVolleyball 2019
Post AttachmentsWrestling
All-Conference Teams
Feb 19, 2020 10:57 AM

All-Conference Team Lists

Post Attachments2019 Volleyball Evergreen All-Conference Team
2018-19 Meeting Minutes
Feb 19, 2020 10:23 AM

Monthly League Meeting Minutes

Post Attachments2018 December Minutes
Post Attachments2018 November Minutes
Post Attachments2018 October Minutes
Post Attachments2018 September Minutes
Post Attachments2019 April Minutes
Post Attachments2019 February Minutes
Post Attachments2019 January Minutes
Post Attachments2019 June Minutes
Post Attachments2019 March Minutes
Post Attachments2019 May Minutes
Meeting Minutes
Feb 19, 2020 10:46 AM

Monthly Evergreen Conference meeting minutes.

Post AttachmentsApril 2014 Minutes
Post AttachmentsApril 2015 Minutes
Post AttachmentsApril 2016 Minutes
Post AttachmentsApril 2017 Minutes
Post AttachmentsApril 2018 Minutes
Post AttachmentsDecember 2013 Minutes
Post AttachmentsDecember 2014 Minutes
Post AttachmentsDecember 2015 Minutes
Post AttachmentsDecember 2017 Minutes
Post AttachmentsFebruary 2014 Minutes
Post AttachmentsFebruary 2015 Minutes
Post AttachmentsFebruary 2016 Minutes
Post AttachmentsFebruary 2017 Minutes
Post AttachmentsFebruary 2018 Minutes
Post AttachmentsJanuary 2014 Minutes
Post AttachmentsJanuary 2015 Minutes
Post AttachmentsJanuary 2016 Minutes
Post AttachmentsJanuary 2017 Minutes
Post AttachmentsJanuary 2018 Minutes
Post AttachmentsJune 2016 Minutes
Post AttachmentsJune 2017 Minutes
Post AttachmentsJune 2018 Minutes
Post AttachmentsMarch 2014 Minutes
Post AttachmentsMarch 2015 Minutes
Post AttachmentsMarch 2016 Minutes
Post AttachmentsMarch 2017 Minutes
Post AttachmentsMarch 2018 Minutes
Post AttachmentsMay 2015 Minutes
Post AttachmentsMay 2016 Minutes
Post AttachmentsMay 2017 Minutes
Post AttachmentsMay 2018 Minutes
Post AttachmentsNovember 2013 Minutes
Post AttachmentsNovember 2014 Minutes
Post AttachmentsNovember 2015 Minutes
Post AttachmentsNovember 2016 Minutes
Post AttachmentsNovember 2017 Minutes
Post AttachmentsOctober 2013 Minutes
Post AttachmentsOctober 2014 Minutes
Post AttachmentsOctober 2015 Minutes
Post AttachmentsOctober 2016 Minutes
Post AttachmentsOctober 2017 Minutes
Post AttachmentsSeptember 2013 Minutes
Post AttachmentsSeptember 2014 Minutes
Post AttachmentsSeptember 2015 Minutes
Post AttachmentsSeptember 2016 Minutes
Post AttachmentsSeptember 2017 Minutes