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Bethel Girls Swim
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Coaching Staff
Varsity Coach: Jamie Braudway
Parent night Sept 3rd 5:30pm BHS
Jul 19, 2019 6:03 PM

fall Sports parent night in the auditorium at 5:30

Rules and Expectations
Jun 19, 2019 3:43 PM

2019-2020 Swim Team Rules and Expectations

Hello everyone, I am Coach Jamie Braudway, known to all my swimmers as Coach Jamie. Parent’s, you can call me Jamie if you like. Here are some team rules and information that will make this season a truly successful one.

1. Team Website: http://www.pclathletics.org/index.php?pid=

2. Team Remind (1-way texts from me to the team and parents) Text @jbraud to 81010

3. Practice Times: The start time (on time) means swimmers are suited up and stretched to begin their warm-up swims.

4. We are responsible for making sure the pool area and locker room is clean and in better condition in what it was given to us considering we use someone else pool.

5. Bus Schedules will be released soon. Bussing is round-trip to and from the pool, which means students will need to be dropped off and picked up on-time at BHS. On meets our seniors are required to ride the bus to and from our meets unless excused by me. Parents are allowed to sign the students out with me at the end of a meet but its not required.

6. Swimmers will not be asked to swim an event they are not physically ready for. They may be asked to swim an event they don’t like for the sake of the team.

Parents, you can also volunteer for other activities at meets, like back-up timing (so the swimmers can focus on the meet) as well as other activities. The more people involved in the team, the more fun and successful seasons are.

Team Rules

1. Swimmers are required to attend all after school practices and meets (unless injured, ill, or other school sponsored activities)…especially the league meets.

2. Swimmers will demonstrate outstanding sportsmanship at every opportunity throughout the season. THIS INCLUDES SOCIAL MEDIA like TWITTER, FACEBOOK, etc My standing rule is : DO NOT ENGAGE. If there is something going on, let me know so I can take care of it! Possible repercussions: Swimmers held out of events, meets, suspended from team activities and in severe cases removal from the team and possible school suspension. I don’t anticipate any issues on this front, though.

3. I expect swimmers to give their best effort in everything they do. They will always get all the coach’s best effort.

4. Treat your teammates and other teams with respect at all times.

Varsity Letter Requirements:

For a team to be successful, it must have common goals and maximum participation by everyone involved.

1. During the season, you are permitted to miss a total of four (4) practices(not including illness, injury, authorized school activity). No Varsity Letter will be awarded to any swimmer that does not maintain proper attendance.

2. If you do not swim practice, skip practice, leave practice early, or come to practice late, I reserve the right not to enter you in a meet for that week. This is a team, and I expect everyone at every practice helping each other be the best that they can be.

3. Team events (i.e. meets, pictures, etc.) WILL NOT be rescheduled due to an absence of any swimmer for any reason.

4. If you are late for the start of practice, I reserve the right to deduct points that you have earned towards your letter. The amount of points deducted will depend on how late you arrive or how early you leave.

5. If you are not at practice, I will be calling home to find out why you are not at practice.

6. NOTE FOR SWIMMERS: I will keep track of when you come into practice late, or leave early, this does affect your attendance. PRACTICE STARTS AT 7:30 P.M(might change) (that means in the water ready to go!) My goal is to try and help you become the best swimmer possible, and if you are not at practice you will not excel.


1. I will be keeping track of meet wins and placements top 3 will be considered and noted. Relays will be divided by individual swimmers and their times.

2. Automatic Varsity letter for qualifying for an individual event at Leagues.

3. Automatic Varsity letter for finishing in the Top 6 at the Districts.

4. Individual Times For Events will posted in the pool next practice following the meet. If any Varsity swimmers hit qualifying times for state will automatically earn Varsity letter.

5. Upon completion of 3 full years of dedicated practice and participation a swimmer can earn a Varsity Letter.

6. JV Level: Maintains practice level but does not meet any time requirements or meet points

7. Freshmen Level: Freshmen who meets practice level but does not meet any time requirements or meet points.

- REMEMBER -- The Coach will make the FINAL decision on all season awards. Only a TEAM can win a championship, and we all have to work together to achieve all we can achieve. Success depends on what is done, not what is said! Be fierce but gracious competitors!!!

Parent Expectations

Volunteer and Participate

We have many home meets this year, and your child would greatly appreciate your show of support by attending as many meets as possible. There are various ways to volunteer at meets as well:

1) Timekeeping during the meet

2) Back up timers in case clocks don’t work properly

3) Help with organizing and helping set up senior night (our last home meet of the season)

4) I would like to set up home meet secret appreciation (each girl will pick a name out a bucket start of one week for the following week and the swimmer will provide a gift for the name drawn) please let me know if someone wants to take this under their wings.

Leading an Supporting by Example

Parents need to help support the coach by assuring that their athletes:

1) Get the proper amount of sleep (which is huge for success during the swim season and for school)

2) Getting proper nutrition (You can look up good nutrition for swimmers on the internet. Essentially junk is bad, high protein is good)

3) Support the coach’s decisions (a) If you have questions for the coaches, please communicate them outside of a practice or a meet. During those times I (and any other coach) must have my complete attention on the swimmers, their activities and their safety.

Contact Information and Paperwork Checklist


Phone Number Swimmer: __________________________

Parent/Guardian’s Name(s): _____________________________________________ Phone Number(s)parent/guardian: ________________________________________________________

Parent’s Email: ______________________________________________________________

Swim Suit Size: __________ (will do a suit sizing session)

If you have any questions about the rules, expectations or the schedule(schedule might change I will keep everyone updated), please let me know. I would be happy to explain anything further. Please sign and date indicating that you have read and understood the team rules and expectations and return this to me

_________________________________________________ Athlete’s Signature Date __________________________________________________ Parent’s Signature Date

Swimmers and parents Remind/contact with me
Jun 6, 2019 4:41 PM

Hello everyone if you are new to remind let me say welcome and help you get started please download the app called REMIND on your phone create your account as parent or student/swimmer add the swim class by simply texting @jbraud to 81010 any questions please feel free to email me @ jbraudway@bethelsd.org

see everyone this season

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