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David Willoughby

David's Galleries
I am a local Bellingham photographer handling many types of photography. While I love to shoot everything from weddings to events, I really thrive photographing sporting events. I don't know about you, but for me there is not much that can beat the smell of fresh cut grass on a cool crisp fall Friday evening standing on the 50 with a camera!

I have been making photos since I was 17 years old, getting started at North Kitsap High School with a photography class. After graduation, I continued my new found love and turned my creative expression in to a college education. I graduated from Western Washington University with a BA in Visual Communications: Graphic Arts and Photography in the spring of 1993. My final college project was an internship with the Bellingham Herald as a photographer.

I am pleased to continue developing photography and a photographers community with www.WPANetwork.com through out Northwestern Washington. If you have any photography or photo order questions, or to find out how to contribute your photographic passion to the WPANetwork please email me at David.Willoughby@WPANetwork.com

Thanks again for your time!

David :)

David Willoughby
Director of Photography
Jeff Halstead

Jeff's Galleries
I'm a Freelance photographer based on the Kitsap-Olympic Peninsula's. I picked up my first camera while I was in Junior High and have always enjoyed capturing sports from behind the lense.

I continue to learn as I work different events. Each event offers different photographic opportunities. The type of event, weather, and lighting all help contribute to the challenge of getting that perfect photo.

I enjoy shooting just about any and every type of event, my passion is shooting sports photography. I'll shoot every level of competition from micro-peewee players to Professional Teams.

I appreciate the opportunity to be able to contribute to the WPANetwork and their photo galleries.

You can find more of my photo galleries on my website at www.narrowsphotography.com or on Facebook at Narrows Photography.
John Fisken

John's Galleries
Originally from Seattle, I retired in Oak Harbor after serving twenty-four years in the United States Navy. While in the service I served instructor and recruiter duty and deployed eight times aboard Navy ships, including 3 times to the Persian Gulf. In my travels I've been to all fifty states and eighteen foreign countries, among those were Israel, Cuba, Thailand and Fiji. I've been taking photos since high school, and now concentrate almost exclusively on Oak Harbor High School sports. Both my wife and I are heavily involved in local youth and school sports, giving us a way to give back to the community. I have a son who plays 3 sports here in Oak Harbor and a daughter at the University of Washington.

See my Oak Harbor sports blog at oakharborsports.blogspot.com
Shawna Whelan

Shawna's Galleries
I am a freelance photographer based in Mason County doing a lot of freelance work for the Mason County Journal. I have also freelanced for the Forest Service and local school districts.

I got my first camera for Christmas of 1976. Later as an adult, I studied photography and fine arts at the Evergreen State College. I have studied both black and white film photography and documentary digital photography, graduating from Evergreen in 2013 with a duel Bachelor of Arts and Sciences.

I specialize in sports, photojournalism, landscape and microphotography.

I enjoy photographing sports because it is so challenging and there is so much to learn. I strive to constantly improve myself. If I ever got to the point where I thought I knew everything about photography I know that it would quickly become boring.

I was a very competitive athlete in my day, but after injuring my ankles while skateboarding my days of competitive sports are over. I look back fondly on my childhood days of playing softball and basketball and running cross country and putting the shot.

I now have two daughters of my own but neither of them is much interested in sports. Girls today have it so much better when it comes to having access to sporting programs. I love watching girls give their all on the court and in the field. It makes my heart swell with pride and envy.

I can be contacted via email at Shawnawhelanphotography@gmail.com
Sheilagh Flanagan

Sheilagh's Galleries
I’ve come a long way from my little Kodak 126 cartridge instamatic! That little boxy camera with the revolving flash bulbs was my first venture into the world of photography many years ago! Regardless of the device, however, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t seeking to capture images of my family, friends and adventures. I was first introduced to the craft of photography at the age of eight through a class offered through the Long Beach Parks and Rec Department in California. My brother, one of the park directors, was the instructor. He also turned part of our garage at home into a darkroom. Watching the image slowly darken in the developer bath was nothing short of magic to my eight-year old eyes. The red glow of the darkroom lights and the acidic smell of the fixatives was like nothing I’d ever experienced. I was hooked!

In high school I continued to take photography classes and put my hobby to use as a member of the yearbook staff. No longer banished to the garage, I had now converted one of our bathrooms at home into my own darkroom! Since moving to Washington state, I have funneled my love of taking pictures into my family and my son’s athletics. Sport photography is my favorite thing to shoot because I have always been a big sports enthusiast myself. I was a competitive athlete growing up and there weren’t many sports I didn’t play. I believe the best photos in sports photography happen when you can anticipate the action.

While I spend the majority of my time teaching technology integration at a local elementary school, I am beyond excited to join the ranks of the Olympic League Photographers. I am looking forward to learning from some of the best in our area. I consider myself lucky to have the chance to be surrounded by a community of photographers who are willing to challenge me and help me grow.

Sheilagh Flanagan