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David Willoughby

David's Galleries
I am a local Bellingham photographer handling many types of photography. While I love to shoot everything from weddings to events, I really thrive photographing sporting events. I don't know about you, but for me there is not much that can beat the smell of fresh cut grass on a cool crisp fall Friday evening standing on the 50 with a camera!

I have been making photos since I was 17 years old, getting started at North Kitsap High School with a photography class. After graduation, I continued my new found love and turned my creative expression in to a college education. I graduated from Western Washington University with a BA in Visual Communications: Graphic Arts and Photography in the spring of 1993. My final college project was an internship with the Bellingham Herald as a photographer.

I am pleased to continue developing photography and a photographers community with www.WPANetwork.com through out Northwestern Washington. If you have any photography or photo order questions, or to find out how to contribute your photographic passion to the WPANetwork please email me at David.Willoughby@WPANetwork.com

Thanks again for your time!

David :)

David Willoughby
Director of Photography
Brandy Shreve

Brandy's Galleries
I am a freelance photographer based in Mount Vernon, Wash. where I live with my husband, Joel, and son, Rhys.

I have been a photojournalist since 2010, and attended the University of Montana where I pursued a masters degree in journalism. Since then, I have worked as a staff photographer for the Skagit Valley Herald, an editor and photographer for The Northern Light in Blaine and have been published in Mount Baker Experience, Waterside Coastal Magazine, Pacific Coast Weddings, and the Montana Kaimin.

Feel free to contact me for more information about photography services at brandykshreve@gmail.com or by phone at 206/552-0413
Debra Carlsen

Debra's Galleries
I’ve lived in the Upper Left Corner most all my life, and it’s been almost the same amount of time that I’ve loved the outdoors, sports and photography. My first camera was a Canon (manual) given to me by my dad in my teens that he had been shooting with since before I was born. After graduating from Central Washington University and Eastern Washington University, I finally had the chance to spend more time outside of academics and it was at that time that I was blessed with the gift of a new Canon DSLR as a gift from my mom. It was around that same time I became involved with roller derby and the rest is history. I’ve been an independent photographer since approximately 2012 specializing in and mostly self-taught for various roller derby leagues in Washington State and British Columbia BC. Most recently I’ve been given many opportunities to shoot for women’s football teams, youth football leagues and at the women’s national team a few years ago. While photography is not my “real life” job, I spend as much time and money on it as a hobby than anywhere else outside gas prices. I have a very full life, personally and professionally but am looking forward to this new experience and improving my craft. Thank you for your time and kindness as I grow. To see current and past events, you can find me here: https://www.facebook.com/dizruptivephotographybyDebraCarlsen/ and https://www.flickr.com/photos/dizruptivephotography/ Debra Carlsen (diz ruptive photography)
Eric Jacobs

Eric's Galleries
I am a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, born in Seattle and raised in Edmonds. I attended Edmonds High School, Spokane Falls CC, Edmonds CC, and Western Washington University. I currently live on Camano Island with my wife of 30 years, Wanda. We have three great kids who grew up in the Stanwood-Camano Island community.
My interest in photography is fairly new, so I am really excited and feel very fortunate to be taking pictures for WescoAthletics.com. All three of my children were very active in sports in the Stanwood-Camano area so having the opportunity to photograph Stanwood High School sports is a real treat for me. Hopefully my photographs will bring as much enjoyment to you as I had taking them.

Eric Jacobs
Geoff Vlcek

Geoff's Galleries
My name is Geoff Vlcek and I am a photographer living in Lynnwood. I was born in New Hampshire but I have lived on Nantucket Island, Illinois, Michigan, West Seattle, Shoreline, Edmonds, Mill Creek & Kent. I have enjoyed taking photos ever since 2005 when I started visiting sports stadiums around the US. I've now been to over 70 stadiums in 3 countries. I really started taking photos when I took my first trip abroad in 2010 where I visited 10 countries in 27 days. Since May of 2010 I've now been to 14 countries, 8 states and Puerto Rico.

In 2012 I found my love for sports photography and have had photos posted to a few websites. I shoot for Tilted Thunder Roller Derby, UW sports, Rugby Magazine and I was just hired by the Everett Reign as their team photographer. If there is sports going on near me then I try to be there to shoot photos! So if you see me then say hi. :)

I shoot much more than just sports, so if you have an idea or a request for team, social media, family or even senior photos then let me know. Check out my work at http://www.facebook.com/gvphotography and http://geoffvphoto.smugmug.com/.

I look forward to shooting photos for Wesco Athletics and hope everyone enjoys them. Take care and take good photos!

Geoff Vlcek
Owner- Geoff Vlcek Photography
Cell: 206-234-5664
Glen Moffitt

Glen's Galleries
I'm a life-long native of the Northwest, spending my formative years in Southwestern Oregon. Following my service of four years in the Air Force, where I first dabbled in photography, I completed my degree at the University of Oregon. I've lived in the Seattle area for the last 30 years, the last nine years in Lake Stevens.

Photography has touched my family's history, my mother loved to photograph and authored several articles for the Portland Oregonian. I've been fascinated with computers since the early 1980's (my first was a TI-99A!), and have been fortunate to work in the IT industry for the last 15 years. The convergence of photography and computers revived my interest in the photographic arts.

I've been fortunate to continue my career at a local community bank, where I've been employed for the past 18 years. In between my regular job, other interests such as local volunteering (the Lake Stevens Food Bank), hiking and bicycling, I've been immersing myself in the development of my photographic skills. You can see some of my work at www.moffittimages.com.

I'm pleased to have the opportunity to enhance my photography skills with WescoAthletics.com and hopefully provide the families of athletes some lasting memories.

Glen Moffitt
Dancing Rays Photography
Jeff Egilsrud

Jeff's Galleries
I dabbled in photography during the film years, but like many, my interest took off with the advent of digital. I still remember getting my first digital camera in 2001 for $600 – it was a Sony Cyber-shot with a whopping 3 megapixels! But I loved the immediate results it provided, and how easy it was to edit and share photos. A couple of years later I acquired my first digital SLR, and was hooked.

Having two daughters meant endless hours at sporting events – especially soccer. So I invested in a decent lens and started learning the craft of sports photography. I’ve also done my fair share of portrait, wildlife and landscape photography…but for me, sports is my first love. I love the challenge of capturing athletes in the moment, where all shots are candid and there are no “do-overs”.

I’m excited to be a part of the WPA Network and Wesco Athletics. See you on the field!

Jeff Egilsrud
Mobile: (425) 232-2358
Jim Lashua

Jim's Galleries
I have been photographing since I was in my teens. I was also involved in sports in Jr. and Sr High School. So, when my sons became involved in sports, I began photographing them and their teammates. I have enjoyed every second of it; re-living my school days through them. Within the last couple years, I have enjoyed photographing most of the sports at our local high school. I love capturing the moments that happen in all the sports. These moments can be lost forever if not captured on film. You can view other sports photographs as well as my scenery and portraits on my website www.Jlashua.com
John Fisken

John's Galleries
Originally from Seattle, I retired in Oak Harbor after serving twenty-four years in the United States Navy. While in the service I served instructor and recruiter duty and deployed eight times aboard Navy ships, including 3 times to the Persian Gulf. In my travels I've been to all fifty states and eighteen foreign countries, among those were Israel, Cuba, Thailand and Fiji. I've been taking photos since high school, and now concentrate almost exclusively on Oak Harbor High School sports. Both my wife and I are heavily involved in local youth and school sports, giving us a way to give back to the community. I have a son who plays 3 sports here in Oak Harbor and a daughter at the University of Washington.

See my Oak Harbor sports blog at oakharborsports.blogspot.com
Jonah Walllace

Jonah's Galleries
For more than seven years I have explored the northwest, camera in hand, pulling images of urban landscapes and wilderness alike, though i'm just as likely to be found on the sidelines of youth sporting events or a motocross track capturing tackles, goals, and muddy jumps. As a younger man, I took breaks from the typical outlaw shenanigans to draw and paint, working in as many mediums as it occurred to me to try. Having children changes things a bit and photography lends itself well to this new adventure. Over the years, I have taken on a growing number of professional jobs if only to justify the more elaborate gear to my supportive wife:-) I have added family portraits, real estate, fundraisers and campaign materials to my resume, but still find the most satisfaction in taking pictures of sporting events.

Jonah Wallace

Karl and Brenda Swenson

My Galleries
We have both been avid photographers most of our lives. We met in 2010, and discovering our mutual love of photography, we have been exploring the evolution of photography into the digital age with all of the amazing advances in technology. While we find subjects in many places, we particularly enjoy taking day trips on the spur of the moment, often choosing a destination on the fly. This became the inspiration for our website, Justawhim.com.

Our interest in sports photography is somewhat new, born out of being parent spectators watching one of our children play football and trying to capture those perfect game moments. We soon discovered that this was yet another facet of photography we enjoyed and we decided to delve deeper into it. We are very honored to be appointed the Edmonds Woodway HS photographers, and we are looking forward to working with the other photographers and the WPA Network to help showcase these wonderfully talented athletes.

You can follow our journeys using the links below.



Matt Elser

Matt's Galleries
It was Christmas 2000 when I received my first camera... 35mm Pentax ZX-30. From that point on, the question of what my hobby and enjoyment would be was solved. While I'm no professional, I have had many years of experience. I've explored portraiture, sports, landscape, flash, and more and continue to have a love to develop in all areas of the art. No single area has yet captured my sole attention, merely the quest for a great image! And I find that I am continually learning the art of a great picture. I've always had two facets of my personality which lend themselves to the photographic art... tech and expression. I understand the tech behind the camera and my background in music helps me understand my desire for artistic expression. In addition, I'm first a husband and father who seeks to be a positive role model in the lives of my family and youth. Secondly, I find something amazing, something image worthy, in all people. People are awesome. Because of these two things, I have the foundation for an endless supply of opportunities to photograph!

The chance for me to develop my skills here at WESCO is a huge blessing and a spectacular gift. I hope I catch that great image of that High School athlete that you know! It would truly be an honor to help you enjoy our local youth and their involvement in sports.

Matthew Elser
Pastor of Student Ministries
Mountain View Community Church
Meghan Fortier

Meghan's Galleries
I am the owner of M.E. Life Photography based out of Mukilteo, WA. I have been running a successful photography business for the past 8 years. I am trained in portrait photography and I particularly enjoy working with families. I love pregnant bellies and newborns, high school seniors, and all stages in between!

I grew up in Edmonds, WA and have played sports throughout my life. My favorite sport to play is soccer, with softball coming in a close second. Now that I am the mother to 4 avid athletes, I spend much of my time on the sidelines of a soccer field. This has piqued my sports photography interest. My favorite part of sports photography is captureing the passion and drive on a player’s face. I understand how much heart these young athletes bring to the field and that’s what inspires me to shoot. I am excited to expand my repertoire and am eagerly anticipating the challenge of action and sports photography.

To see more of my work, make sure to view my website and follow me on social media.

Michael Bury

Michael's Galleries
I am an Edmonds-based photographer with 13 years of commercial experience and a life-long love for all aspects of photography. Of all the various photographic genres, I love action sports photography the best, and as a youth sports parent I appreciate the benefits that youth athletics offer to developing minds and bodies. I’m excited for the opportunity to share that appreciation with you through photography. You can learn more about me at www.photobury.com and www.facebook.com/photobury - please contact me with any questions or comments about my images.
Rachel Bayne

Rachel's Galleries
Photographing youth sports is one of my favorite subjects... I love capturing the passion, excitement and joy of the athletes and fans. I have a degree in communication from Washington State University, and for three amazing years there I photographed Pac-12 (then the Pac-10) athletics for the student publication The Daily Evergreen. This included nationally ranked football and volleyball, three Apple Cups and the 1998 Rose Bowl. After college I interned at The Skagit Valley Herald and then full time at The Bellingham Herald, where I photographed prep and collegiate athletics, including state championships in nearly every sport. For the last ten years I've had my own business, Rachel Bayne Photography, with specialties being families, senior portraits, weddings and athletics. If you have any questions about my WescoAthletics photography at Snohomish High School, or any other photography inquires, please contact me.

I'm excited to be part of historic Snohomish High School and the WescoAthletics.com website. Go Panthers!

Rachel Bayne

Sam Freeman

Sam's Galleries
I started out at age 14 working for a photography studio doing darkroom work and shooting weddings, as well as being a photographer for the yearbook and newspaper of my high school and college. I’ve been hooked ever since. In 2004 I started Northwest Photo, Print & Design, located in Mukilteo. We have gone through several evolutions trying to serve the public and stay afloat in these trying times for small businesses, but now our business is growing rapidly. We are a full service professional photography studio and commercial print and design shop.

On the photography side, we cover a wide range of endeavors including but not limited to senior portraits, class pictures, team and individual pictures and packages, headshots (for theatre and business), family portraits, weddings, contract sports shoots, formal and informal events, theatre events and HD videography and processing of events.

On the print and design side, we can print from the simplest to the most complex jobs our customers bring us. We do Variable Data Printing, custom bindings and folding, as well as bumper stickers, decals and t-shirts. Some of our products are sports team posters, flyers, programs, photo books, postcards, tickets, brochures, presentation folders, notebooks, training manuals, calendars, invitations and notices, stationery, envelopes, and catalogs.

Our clients include the Everett Silvertips, the Everett Merchants, Village Theatre, the South Everett/Mukilteo Rotary, the Mukilteo Chamber of Commerce, Dwayne Lane's, sports and drama booster clubs at many of the surrounding high schools, Core Theatrics, the Future of Flight Foundation, Kamiak HS and Mariner HS sports teams, the Mukilteo Schools Foundation, PI Plus Tutors, Northwest Sports News and Northwest Theatre News.

We can be contacted at sam@nwprintdesign.com or darren@nwprintdesign.com, or call our main number at (425) 422-6957.

Sam Freeman
Northwest Photo, Print & Design
4731 88th St. SW, Mukilteo, WA 98275
Office: (425) 422 6957
Sam's Cell: (425) 238-7267
Darren's Cell: (425) 442-6233
Sarah Bennett

Sarah's Galleries
I am a photographer with a passion and drive to capture “That moment”! My love for photography started as a child and I would use all my polaroid film and beg my grandpa for more. I am the proud owner of Sarah Bennett Photography and along with taking sports photos I enjoy the love and laughter during family sessions, The proud senior sessions and the blissful joy in weddings and engagement photos.

I have been married to a coach for almost 20 years and have been extremely active in the sports community. We have 3 children. Two boys and a girl, our two boys have been very active in Sports since they were very young. I know exactly how much work and heart goes into these athletes and it makes me so happy to take a photo I know they and those who love them will treasure. I have always been mat side, sideline taking photos and one day it clicked.

I wanted all the parents to be able to have action shots of their kids too and have spent the last 10 years doing that. I have been awarded sports parent of Everett High School and won the Media person of the year at Districts the last 2 years.

I am extremely excited for this new chapter with Wesco
Scott Williams

Scott's Galleries
My name is Scott Williams. I am a father of three, the oldest being a student athlete here at Lynnwood High School. We currently reside in Mill Creek. I've been passionate about photography for much of my adult life, deciding to take it on professionally two and a half years ago. I'm a life-long resident of Washington State, having lived in both Eastern and Western Washington. The beauty that the Pacific Northwest provides is second to none, and I love to capture it in my images, whether it's as a landscape photo or as the backdrop to my portrait and wedding photography.

One of my other passions in life is sports. Having been both a high school and college athlete, as well as an avid fan of many sports, I love any opportunity to take images of athletes in action. Capturing that perfect moment during a game that tells a story is one of the most rewarding things I've experienced as a photographer. That's why I'm so excited about working with WescoAthletics.com. What a unique and wonderful way to support my kids' school and the student-athletes that represent Lynnwood High.
If you'd like to see more of my work, or are interested in my other services, you can contact me here at:

Scott Williams Photography
200 155th PL SE
Mill Creek, WA 98012