Shelton Home
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3737 North Shelton Springs Rd. ~ Shelton, WA 98584
Athletic Office: (360) 432-2147
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Athletic Director: Trevor Leopold
Athletic Secretary: Heather King

Postponed Events (10)
The following events were previously postponed and are awaiting a new play date.

JV Volleyball North Mason Home 2/9/21
JV Girls Soccer North Mason Home 2/9/21
JV Girls Soccer North Mason Home 2/9/21
Frosh Volleyball North Mason Home 2/9/21
Varsity Girls Soccer North Mason Home 2/9/21
Varsity Girls Soccer North Mason Home 2/9/21
Varsity Boys Golf Tumwater Home 2/11/21
JV Girls Soccer Bremerton Away 2/16/21
Varsity Girls Soccer Bremerton Away 2/16/21
Varsity Boys Golf Centralia Away 2/17/21
Postponed Events (10)
Missing Score (61)
The following events have been played, but no score has been reported.

Girls Basketball Tumwater Home 1/5/21
Boys Basketball Kingston Home 1/8/21
Boys Basketball Aberdeen Home 1/12/21
Girls Basketball Elma Home 1/18/21
Boys Wrestling Black Hills Home 1/20/21
Boys Basketball Centralia Home 1/22/21
Girls Basketball Rochester Home 1/27/21
Boys Wrestling Tumwater Home 1/28/21
Girls Basketball Aberdeen Home 1/29/21
Boys Basketball Tumwater Home 2/5/21
Boys Tennis Black Hills Home 2/10/21
Girls Swim TBD Home 2/18/21
Boys Golf W F West Home 2/24/21
Girls Swim Tumwater Home 2/25/21
Boys Golf Montesano Home 3/3/21
Boys Tennis W F West Home 3/3/21
Girls Swim Black Hills Home 3/4/21
Boys Tennis Centralia Home 3/5/21
Boys Golf Aberdeen Home 3/10/21
Boys Tennis Aberdeen Home 3/12/21
Girls Swim Central Kitsap Home 3/13/21
Boys Track Tumwater Home 3/17/21
Girls Swim Aberdeen Home 3/18/21
Girls Swim W F West Home 3/20/21
Boys Track Rochester Home 3/23/21
Softball Aberdeen Home 3/25/21
Girls Tennis Black Hills Home 3/29/21
Girls Golf Black Hills Home 3/31/21
Girls Tennis Black Hills Home 3/31/21
Softball Tumwater Home 3/31/21
Softball Montesano Home 3/31/21
Girls Tennis Tumwater Home 4/1/21
Boys Soccer Centralia Home 4/1/21
Softball Hoquiam Home 4/9/21
Girls Tennis Tumwater Home 4/14/21
Softball Black Hills Home 4/15/21
Boys Soccer Tumwater Home 4/16/21
Boys Soccer Rochester Home 4/20/21
Girls Golf Aberdeen Home 4/21/21
Girls Golf Rochester Home 4/21/21
Girls Tennis W F West Home 4/21/21
Softball Rochester Home 4/21/21
Girls Golf Centralia Home 4/22/21
Girls Tennis Centralia Home 4/23/21
Girls Golf Centralia Home 4/26/21
Softball Centralia Home 4/26/21
Girls Tennis Aberdeen Home 4/27/21
Girls Bowling TBD Home 4/27/21
Boys Soccer Black Hills Home 4/27/21
Girls Golf Tumwater Home 4/28/21
Girls Tennis Centralia Home 4/28/21
Boys Soccer TBD Home 5/1/21
Baseball TBD Home 5/3/21
Boys Soccer Aberdeen Home 5/4/21
Girls Golf Rochester Home 5/5/21
Girls Tennis Aberdeen Home 5/5/21
Softball Aberdeen Home 5/5/21
Girls Bowling W F West Home 5/10/21
Softball Tumwater Home 5/10/21
Boys Swim Aberdeen Home 5/11/21
Girls Golf Tumwater Home 5/12/21
Missing Score (61)


There are no events on this day.