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813 Eshom Rd. ~ Centralia, WA 98531
Athletic Office: 360-330-7612
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Athletic Director: Scott Chamberlain
Athletic Secretary: Karen Longabaugh

Spring Sports Adjustment
Mar 27, 2020 1:25 PM

Based on the information of returning to school on Monday, April 27th, the WIAA will plan to host the Spring Sports State Tournaments as planned. The Evergreen Conference and District 4 have made adjustments to schedules to provide the opportunity for teams to advance to the State Tournament. When school resumes on April 27th, athletes will be required to participate in 10 practice prior to competing. Tiger athletes (all levels) will accomplish this by attending an All Spring Sport Athlete training session from 7am-7:30am in the CHS Gym and attending individual sport practices after school beginning Monday, April 27th through Friday May 1st.

Monday, 4/27 CHS Gym 7am, Team Practice after school.

Tuesday, 4/28 CHS Gym 7am, Team Practice after school.

Wednesday, 4/29 CHS Gym7am, Team Practice after school.

Thursday, 4/30 CHS Gym 7am, Team Practice after school.

Friday, 5/1 CHS Gym 7am, Team Practice after school.

Updated information will be communicated after Spring Break.

Postponed Events (7)
The following events were previously postponed and are awaiting a new play date.

JV Volleyball W F West Away 2/11/21
JV Volleyball W F West Away 2/11/21
Varsity Volleyball W F West Away 2/11/21
Varsity Boys Tennis Tumwater Away 2/12/21
Varsity Girls Soccer W F West Home 2/12/21
Varsity Boys Golf Shelton Home 2/17/21
JV Baseball Aberdeen Away 4/16/21
Postponed Events (7)
Missing Score (68)
The following events have been played, but no score has been reported.

Boys Basketball Aberdeen Home 1/6/21
Boys Wrestling Aberdeen Home 1/13/21
Girls Basketball Tumwater Home 1/13/21
Boys Basketball Rochester Home 1/20/21
Girls Basketball Shelton Home 1/21/21
Boys Basketball Black Hills Home 1/26/21
Boys Wrestling Shelton Home 1/27/21
Boys Basketball Tumwater Home 1/28/21
Volleyball TBD Home 2/1/21
Girls Soccer TBD Home 2/1/21
Football TBD Home 2/1/21
Volleyball TBD Home 2/2/21
Girls Soccer TBD Home 2/2/21
Football TBD Home 2/2/21
Volleyball TBD Home 2/3/21
Girls Soccer TBD Home 2/3/21
Football TBD Home 2/3/21
Volleyball TBD Home 2/4/21
Girls Soccer TBD Home 2/4/21
Football TBD Home 2/4/21
Girls Basketball Aberdeen Home 2/4/21
Volleyball TBD Home 2/5/21
Girls Soccer TBD Home 2/5/21
Football TBD Home 2/5/21
Boys Tennis Aberdeen Home 2/10/21
Boys Tennis Shelton Home 2/17/21
Boys Tennis W F West Home 2/24/21
Rochester Home 2/24/21
Boys Golf Rochester Home 3/3/21
Boys Tennis Tumwater Home 3/3/21
Aberdeen Home 3/6/21
Boys Golf Tumwater Home 3/10/21
Boys Tennis Black Hills Home 3/10/21
Softball Black Hills Home 3/19/21
Girls Golf Tumwater Home 3/22/21
Girls Golf Shelton Home 3/24/21
Softball Rochester Home 3/25/21
Boys Soccer Aberdeen Home 3/25/21
Girls Tennis Aberdeen Home 3/29/21
Baseball Montesano Home 3/29/21
Baseball Montesano Home 3/29/21
Girls Tennis Shelton Home 3/30/21
Girls Tennis Aberdeen Home 3/31/21
Boys Track Black Hills Home 3/31/21
Softball Shelton Home 4/2/21
Girls Golf W F West Home 4/12/21
Girls Tennis Shelton Home 4/12/21
Boys Soccer Tumwater Home 4/13/21
Girls Golf Rochester Home 4/14/21
Girls Golf Black Hills Home 4/14/21
Girls Tennis W F West Home 4/14/21
Boys Track Shelton Home 4/14/21
Softball Aberdeen Home 4/15/21
Baseball Shelton Home 4/19/21
Boys Soccer Black Hills Home 4/20/21
Girls Tennis Tumwater Home 4/21/21
Softball Tumwater Home 4/21/21
Girls Tennis Tumwater Home 4/26/21
Boys Soccer Rochester Home 4/27/21
Girls Golf Black Hills Home 4/28/21
Girls Golf Aberdeen Home 4/28/21
Girls Tennis Black Hills Home 4/28/21
Softball Black Hills Home 4/30/21
Boys Soccer Shelton Home 4/30/21
Girls Tennis Black Hills Home 5/3/21
Softball Rochester Home 5/5/21
Girls Golf Aberdeen Home 5/12/21
Softball Shelton Home 5/12/21
Missing Score (68)


There are no events on this day.